Escrow Services

Homestead Title of Pinellas Inc. has escrow services to offer you in the State of Florida, as well as the neighboring areas beyond FL.

Escrow basically means that in any case of settlement between the two parties, one party decides to give money or property to a third party. This property is to be returned by this party after the fulfillment of some particular condition. At Homestead Title of Pinellas, we make sure that the buyer and the seller both are safe from any sort of loss and we do it by providing you reliable escrow services.

Escrow is a really important part of transaction of some property –almost anything can be secured with escrow. We can guide you through the entire process. We verify that the funds which are sent by the buyer of a property or item are safe and are delivered to the seller –unreduced and unaltered. We make sure that the merchandise, as well as the payment is kept safe.

We work in such a way that the buyer does not receive the product until or unless he pays for it. Similarly, the seller is not to receive the payment until the buyer receives the merchandise. This procedure ensures that the seller’s product and the buyer’s money are safe. In most of the online transactions, there is a danger of the money being sent to a fake seller whom you may have any idea about. Similarly, you’re not sure if you’ll receive the merchandise or not. And what if the seller does not receive the money? Of course these kind of risks increase when dealing with a valuable and more costly property –such as vehicles, expensive gadgets, antiques, etc.

Homestead Title of Pinellas works in such a way that our staff tracks the transactions. We also make sure that the merchandise is received by the buyer. We do not deliver the payment to the seller until the order is received. This benefits the buyer because he is sure that he is not paying for nothing.

On the other hand, we ask the buyer to deliver us the money before the seller is to ship the ordered article. So when the buyer receives his merchandise, we send the money to the seller. We are a trust-worthy organization which takes pride in our customer care. We do not want you to worry about the real estate transaction. We are here to help you transact without the danger of the money or the merchandise getting in the hands of someone who should not be involved. We will make sure that your sale is safeguarded from any threats.

We wish to build long-term relationship with you through our priceless services. We believe that once you receive our Escrow services and work with us, you’ll surely want to come back to us for the respective issues. Our staff and processors are available for you. So you do not have to worry about such business anymore now that we are here for you.

Important Update : Homestead Title of Pinellas in Seminole, FL has been acquired by First Title Source, LLC and will become part of the First Title Source family, continuing under the same Homestead Title name, now using the First Title Source closing services protected with Uverified.