Ownership and Encumbrance Reports

O & E reports or Ownership and Encumbrance reports are such reports which give the information about the current or the last owner of a certain property, or the recorded deed of a mortgage from the public records. O and E reports are simply the non-insurance title reports which are helpful in case of closing of an insurance or home improvement loans.

O and E report is also known as property report, current owner search, title report or search in different areas. The main purpose of creating this report is to keep a public record of a particular item or property belonging to his owner. This can be used in case of transactions or title insurance as well. Homestead Title of Pinellas Inc. is also offering their service to make such reports for you. We have one of the best staff in Tampa Bay. They are well experienced and qualified for their posts. They can explain the entire process to you in case you don’t understand it previously. We have a highly cooperative team who are working just for you and Homestead Title of Pinellas takes pride in the customer care.

This informational report does not provide any kind of opinion, warranty or insurance. Ownership and Encumbrance reports are most commonly used by those people who work in real estate or by the home owners. This report also gives information about all the open mortgages, judgments, liens and taxes –which are attached to the property. However, as mentioned before, this report does not contain any insurance protection or an examination of title.

We can help you construct your O and E report as quick as possible. Our friendly and accessible staff are available to answer your queries. The report we make for you at Homestead Title consists of several searches –such as deed search, UCC search, tax search, judgment search so as to give a clear vision of the current status of the property.

  • Deed Search: We show all the deeds in chain of title by searching the prior owner.
  • Mortgage Search: In this section, we mention all the open mortgages encumbering properties.
  • Lien Search: We make twenty year name search on all the names in the chain of title search and include the unreleased liens related to the property.
  • Tax Search: For this section, we search back and then demonstrate both the current and neglectful tax information.

We understand there are not many companies out there who can help you in these cases. But we assure you, our team are all about offering their selfless services to you. We try to work with you in such a manner that you come here again in the future. We strive to provide an exceptional service for you and you clients’ title needs as well. We wish to build long term relationships with our customers. So if you are looking for an organization to help you produce on an O and E report, consult us. We will help you.

Update : Homestead Title of Pinellas in Seminole, FL has been acquired by First Title Source, LLC and will become part of the First Title Source family, continuing under the Homestead Title name, now using the First Title Source closing services protected with Uverified.