Title Insurance

Homestead Title of Pinellas Inc. is a title and an escrow company. Our company provides full service transactions throughout the state of Florida and in other neighboring areas as well. We make our work as professional as possible for our customers. We take pride in our customer care. We provide several services to our customers –such as loan changes, title issues, and others.

Home Title Insurance is one of our offered services at Homestead Title. We can help you to protect the interests of both the lender and the buyer. Title Insurance is important and crucial for the sake of the lender and the buyer. It makes sure that while in the process of lending a house, between the lender and the buyer, the seller does not entitle himself with the full authority of the house, or have a free ownership of the house. If you do not have Title Insurance, you could in fact lose the authority of your own house. At Homestead Title, we work effectively to meet your interests and fulfill your needs, by meeting all your Title Insurance requirements. We work in an accurate, professional and timely manner.

We can help you buy Title Insurance during the settlement of a property. The policies are issued shortly after that. Buying Title Insurance may seem to be costly –but it is required and will protect you from disastrous consequences when purchasing a residence. Title Insurance policies can be of two types –lenders and owners. For lenders, title insurance is important to stay entitled to their property. On the other hand, buyers can protect their investment by purchasing lender’s insurance.

Another important thing to keep in notice is that Title Insurance policies premium is to be paid just once. The amount can vary in different cases. In addition to this, during the settlement procedure, you also need to pay for the Title Insurance binder –which appears in the statement of a settlement.

Title Insurance will eliminate losses which occur due to the title defects as a result of something which has happened in the past. These losses may be the result of items which cannot be found in the public records. The apogee of the whole case is the settlement or the closing. Our certified, notary qualified closers are available to explain the entire document to the buyer and the owner and finally takes your signatures where required.

Title insurance is certainly a good settlement for both the lender and the buyer. The title insurance policy protects the seller from any sort of financial damage –in such cases where seller’s title is rejected by the purchaser. Buying title insurance does cost you money but in the long run, it is what you need to have for the house you’re buying.

If you’re in a situation of lending a house or buying one and you want to buy the title insurance for the house from a trusted and dependable place –where you will be explained the whole procedure by the experience and competent lawyers and attorneys, Homestead Title is here for you.

Important Update : Homestead Title of Pinellas in Seminole, FL has been acquired by First Title Source, LLC and will become part of the First Title Source family, continuing under the same Homestead Title name, now using the First Title Source closing services protected with Uverified.